December 1, 2015


November 30, 2015

Contact: Ryan Williams
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Senator Talent Statement on Renewable Fuel Standard Rule

Washington, D.C. – Former United States Senator and Americans for Energy Security and Innovation (AESI) Chairman Jim Talent released the following statement on the Obama Administration’s new Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) rule.

“It is clear that the Obama Administration and Democrats have once again abandoned Rural America by finalizing a new rule that undermines the Renewable Fuel Standard and threatens the 850,000 well-paying American jobs that have been created by this successful law. With billions invested in this industry thus far, the Obama Administration’s new lackluster standards threaten the already frozen $13.7 billion in investments in advanced biofuels and discourage new investments in clean energy.

“This midstream modification to the RFS flies in the face of the intent of the United States Congress when it passed the law and undermines the only successful federal law that has effectively promoted clean, American-made alternatives to foreign oil. The whole purpose of the RFS was to prohibit oil companies from using their market powers to block market access for America’s renewable fuels industry. Now, the President is saying that if oil companies refuse to comply with the law that the EPA can waive the obligation.

“Regardless of your position on climate change, it’s clear that President Obama is talking out of both sides of his mouth on renewable energy. At a time when President is in Paris lecturing the rest of the world about the need for more clean energy, his stunning hypocrisy at home is undermining his credibility and proving that he cannot be trusted to keep his word and follow through on his promises.”